Do anything you want with your own 100 Crore Rupees! Get USA Green Card for Family, retire from job, etc.

Fastest growing business in India is F&O market. In 2005, average daily turnover was 19,220 CR. Today average daily turnover is above 2,60,000 CR. The future belongs to the finance industry, and GIFT is yet to start its operation. (GIFT: Gujarat International Finance Tec-City).

If you think its not possible to earn then just find out yourself that who bought and sold nifty options on following date:
24-December-2014 Nifty Put Option 8200 Low price 0.4 and High price 28.8 i.e. 72 times in a day. i.e. 1,00,000 will be 72,00,000.
25-March-2015 Nifty Put Option 8400 Low price 1.4 and on 26-March High price 70.85 i.e. 50 times, 1,00,000 will be 50,00,000.

Achchhe Din Aa Gaye! - That doesn't mean everyone will be force feed with crores of Rupees. That means an opportunity is created for everyone, it is up to you whether you want to take up this big opportunity OR continue your daily running for bus/train/car in a traffic jam followed by 9 to 5 work where you are being paid less than actual benefit of a company.

You need peace in mind. You have to be passionate to achieve it. You have to be patient during progress.

If you have a dream of earning Rs.100 CR profit then you can think of risking Rs.10 Lakhs. Your money will always remain in your trading account.

If you are seriously considering to earn Rs.100 CR, then contact me after payment of consulting fee Rs.2,00,000. Consulting fee once paid, it is non refundable. Please call after payment to fix a meeting at your convenience.

Please write first letter from your First, Middle and Last name followed by last 5 digit of your mobile number in "Remarks" while paying online. e.g. KBJ05091

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Account Number: 030801001112
Bank Address: Ground floor, Marigold Complex, Near Motibaug, Raijibaug, Junagadh-362001.

Check out these people who made their fortune only from stock market.

George Soros - 24th richest in the world.
Carl Icahn - 33rd richest in the world.
David Tepper - 115th richest in the world.
John Paulson - 116th richest in the world.

I did mechanical engineering then worked for 6 years in Reliance Industries Limited, Jamnagar. Then worked for 2.4 years with Dubai Aluminium Company Limited, Dubai. Then I left it because I wanted to start a business. As you know that big business requires big money, I tried to find the best small business by spending some 6 months but none of that was attractive. So there was only one way i.e. Nifty Option Trading which requires small amount to start and you can earn huge. After starting of trading, I found that without perfect expertise its not possible to earn big. So I stopped trading and started full time research & analysis. I didn't knew how the time has gone, and by the time I became perfect expert in Nifty Option, I had used my all earnings from previous job to fund my living cost.

Now I have two ways: Going back to job, earn money & start my own trading. The other way is: Find only one person who wants to earn money. In this process, I can earn more than job and I can continue my last 5 years of work schedule.

I don't have money. If I had money then I will not make profit for you. When I came from Dubai, I asked few people by offering money Rs. 1 Lakh to teach me Nifty Option trading perfectly, but no one replied to me. Then I had no other way but to learn by my own which took almost 5 years. You can also become expert by your own which requires time and money.  

How your 10 Lakhs will work in trading?

You don't need to spend any time, we will trade in your account on behalf of you. Per month only 80,000 will be used for trading. That means you can't loose more than 80,000 in a month. On your net profit, my profit share will be 30%, to be paid everyday. Once in profit, we never loose money.

At the end of your job tenure, if you can work one year more then you can recover your risk amount of Rs.10 Lakhs.

If you are travelling around 2 hours daily, then your 15 years of time is equal to 12 Lakhs (if your salary is 30k).

Your 50% of provident fund(PF) will also be invested in stock market by Government within next 15 years of time. Right now govt. already ordered for minimum 5% investment.

If its true that everyone makes loss in market, then where does money goes? How does few people made their fortune?

If anyone had traded nifty options with 10 Lakhs in the past 365 days, by buying at low price and selling at high price, his/her profit would be more than 200 CR now! Here I am talking about making only 1 CR in the first year. Isn't it possible?

I will not describe in detail that how you can become Chairman & Managing Director of a 1,000 CR company in 10 years!

If you are still confused then read a book "Count your chickens before they hatch" by Arindam Chaudhuri.

Want to know of how hard it is to become successful? Read "Stay hungry, stay foolish" by Rashmi Bansal. Which has narrated success stories of top 25 IIM-A graduates.

You are one step away from greater success. Think of growth, think of Rs. 100 CR, think of your own private jet.

Looking for only one person for long term partnership.

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